Ron Reid & Marla Meenakshi Joy

I first met Ron in 1995 when I went to a gentle hatha yoga class he was teaching.  I absolutely loved the class!  Except I was a bit embarrassed when we it came to relaxation at the end.  I was confused "why is everyone lying down?" and then I fell asleep.  Ron wiggled my big toe to wake me up and when I sat up everyone else was already up.  Ooops :) Despite that I loved the class and from that day on I knew that I would always do yoga.

Unfortunately, I was in car accident a few months later that left me unable to do barely anything for about 9 months but as soon as I could I was back to that class. Which really helped me in my healing (on all levels)!  And I even started Ashtanga a few months later!

Ron has evolved and refined his teaching since those early days and always astonishes me with his insights to this day!

With Marla's beautiful voice and knowledge, they make a perfect team!  Here is a video highlighting the last weekend with them in Paris:

I couldn't resisting putting this video that Simon and Anna-Paula also made of Amaya at the Kirtan, totally loving it!

This video is from their 2012 visit:

Jai Ram!