Simple Poses for the Back

The following are four positions we find helpful to aid the yoga student in gaining flexibility and strength in the back, in addition to learning to lengthen the space between the vertebrae for a healthy spine.

Voici quatre positions que nous trouvons utiles pour aider l'étudiant de yoga à assouplir et renforcer le dos et également pour apprendre à étirer les espaces entre chaque vertèbre, pour garder une colonne en bonne santé.

The Basic Structure of the Shoulder Joint

An area of the body that we sometimes experience repetitive strain disorders so in order to move in conjunction with anatomical safety it is a good idea to understand how this joint works.

Samkhya Cosmology

Samkhya philosophy is the cosmology or the science of being behind many yoga texts, particularly the Yoga Sutra and the Bhagavad Gita.
La philosophie Samkhya est la cosmologie ou la science de l'être derrière beaucoup de textes de yoga, particulièrement le Yoga Sutra et le Bhagavad Gita.