This is the second pose of the intermediate series.  After you have worked all those forward bends in the primary series for a long time hopefully you've lengthened the back of the legs enough to do this asana!

Chaturanga & Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

These are two essential poses to get right in Ashtanga because we do TONS of them.  In this little video we offer some ways to build strength to eventually bring to a strong, beautiful Chaturanga and transition to
Upward Facing Dog!
Have fun energizing your body!

Shoulder Stand - Sarvangasana

L'équilibre sur les épaules est connu comme la Reine des asanas (l'équilibre sur la tête est son Roi :) ) car c'est une excellente posture pour garder la bonne santé. En revanche, parfois l'entrée dans la posture est effectuée trop rapidement sans la force nécessaire au niveau des bras pour la rendre stable; la nuque s'aplatit contre le sol et la posture devient un équilibre sur la 'nuque' au lieu d'un équilibre sur les 'épaules'.
The shoulder stand is known as the Queen of yoga asanas (headstand is her king :) because it is an amazing pose for maintaining health.  However, sometimes people are going into too quickly without the strength needed in the arms to make it stable, then the neck gets flattened to the floor and it becomes a 'neck' stand instead of a 'shoulder' stand.